United States Marine Marko Kepi, a Republican running for New York State Assembly in the
64th District of New York, which includes Staten Island and part of Brooklyn, out-raised his
opponents declaring more than $125,000 in donations. This incredible show of support puts
Marko Kepi well ahead of his Democrat¹ and Republican² opponents and establishes him as the
clear, grass-roots candidate of the voters.

“I am extremely grateful for the generosity and outpouring of support my friends and neighbors
have blessed me with and I will not let them down as their next Assemblyman,” said Kepi, a
former State Senate Aide in the district. “I learned in the Marine Corps to always give 110% and
remain focused, so although I am very proud of my entire campaign team and the overwhelming
financial support we achieved in our first filing, we will now work even harder to continue
exceeding expectations and ensure I am the next Assemblyman to represent the hard-working
families of Staten Island and Brooklyn.”

Former GOP Congressman Michael Grimm and State Senator Marty Golden, Kepi’s key
supporters and advisers, also offered his views on Kepi’s success. “As someone who ran for
office many times,” said Senator Golden, “I can tell you what a tough job it is to raise money
unless you have the support of the people, which Marko clearly does – he just raised a huge sum
starting out in this race.” U.S. Rep. Grimm added, “I am not surprised at all to see Marko Kepi
rise to the top – he is a US Marine through and through that has a relentless work ethic and true
passion for serving his community and country. This is just the beginning of Marko exceeding all
of our expectations.”

¹ https://cfapp.elections.ny.gov/ords/plsql_browser/efs_summary_page?comid_in=A22881&rdate_in=15-JAN-2020&reportid_in=J&eyear_in=2020

² https://cfapp.elections.ny.gov/ords/plsql_browser/efs_summary_page?comid_in=A23001&rdate_in=15-JAN-2020&reportid_in=J&eyear_in=2020

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