New York State Assembly Candidate Marko Kepi (64th District) calls on National Guard,  NYC Dept of Health and Calls on Governor, Mayor and local elected officials to provide NYC Funeral Homes and Morgues with Immediate assistance.

Brooklyn, NY.  Today, Monday April 6th, 2020, candidate for NYS Assembly and community activist, Marko Kepi joined with Joseph Aievoli, owner and Director of Aievoli Funeral home about the mounting humanitarian and health crisis facing the funeral industry. Marko called on the National Guard to provide immediate relief.

Kepi said: “Right now our City, State & Nation are in a crisis and so many people in our healthcare network are doing everything they can to save lives. However one industry that we are not helping is our death-care workers with morgue capacity. It may be a morbid topic but if we do not address the situation of safely and humanely handling, processing and storing the dramatic increase in dead bodies our city is now faced with, we will have a major increase in the infection rate of Corona Virus as well as bodies literally piling up without the logistics to properly handle them.  That’s why I am calling on the Governor to immediately activate the National Guard to assist with this crisis as they are they only ones that have the logistical support required to help.

One key issue mentioned by the experts I have spoken to is the need for climate-controlled storage so as to give the funeral and mortuary staff time to properly deal with the deceased in a humane, dignified, and hygienic way. So today I am sending a letter to the NYC Department of Health, Mayor deBlasio, Governor Cuomo & City Morgue asking them to reach outside of their network to seek assistance from counties surrounding NYC as well as asking them to work with Commercial Refrigeration to immediately retrofit their storage units to meet the standards necessary.  I have spoken to many in that industry that would be willing to help if they could get the clearance from City Hall and the cooperation of the Governor to have the National Guard to run the operation.

“This is not a topic I thought I would ever need to address but this is a public health issue as well as an issue about the dignity of our departed loved ones,” said Kepi.

Marko appears on CBS NEWS below:

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