“I feel like I’m back in Communist Albania.”
Staten Island, NY… Marko Kepi today released the following statement regarding the disinformation and disenfranchisement surrounding the vote count in the 50th City Council District.
“I feel like I’m back in Communist Albania,” said Marko Kepi. “Here in the United States of America, every legally cast vote should be counted – that is the law! But that is NOT what is happening at the Staten Island Board of Elections.”
Kepi’s spokesman, Chapin Fay, said, “David Carr and his political machine cronies have been waging a desperate war against Albanian-American voters in this race and they should be ashamed of themselves. The only votes Carr and the machine have fought to get thrown out are Albanian-American voters, a clear violation of their civil rights and just a downright disgrace.
“So, while everyone is following the ups and downs of the recount let’s all remember that NOT every vote is being counted. Carr and his corrupt, establishment cronies objected multiple times to ONLY Albanian-American votes, which were then cured, as per the letter of the law, when the voters signed an affidavit attesting to the validity of their signatures. Why aren’t those cured, legal votes being counted? The only possible explanation is voter disenfranchisement by a corrupt political machine.
“We are confident that the judge in this case will see right through the disinformation and disenfranchisement campaign by Carr and his corrupt cronies, and will order ALL legal votes to be counted. Once every legal vote is finally counted, U.S. Marine Marko Kepi will be the Republican nominee. David Carr knows that, and that’s why he’s so desperate not to count all the votes.”